Understand the different aspects of the DIGISER++ solution and their interrelations, in 6 videos of 15 minutes each, for an audience with a technical or engineering background :

the challenge of metal recovery for a copper smelter

Atlantic Copper is a copper smelter and a possible end-user of the Digimet technology. It is situated near a nature reserve and a city, which allows no compromises on sustainable practices.

Speaker: Alberto Mejía

new metallurgical recycling technologies with circular economy focus

Digimet presents its innovation : a furnace for recycling valuable metals from waste streams of the metallurgical industry, that can be installed at the site of a metallurgical plant.

Speaker: David Eguizabal

recovery potential of high-value metals from metallurgical solid wastes and by-products

Tecnalia outlines the environmental impact and the economical value of metallic solid waste streams generated by the metallurgical industry.

Speaker: Mikel Merchán

how to switch from fossil-based to biomass-based feedstock in metallurgical furnaces ?

CEA discusses their technology to produce coal-like material that is derived from biomass, and shows how it can be used in metallurgical furnaces to reduce the global CO2 emissions.

Speaker: Elvira Rodriguez-Alonso

environmental and economical evaluation with LCA and LCC

IVL examines the copper waste treatment process from a system perspective: what are the environmental and economic impact of implementing the proposed furnace?

Speaker: Håkan Stripple

potential market for the DIGISER++ solution

Digimet discusses the different go-to-market strategies for the commercialization of the Digiser++ Technology in the European market.

Speaker: Igor Aristizabal

Do you want to get the same information in a less technical and shorter way? Watch the same 6 lectures as 5-minute presentations without technical jargon.

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